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chelsea knight
photographer from SoCal, poet, Irish dancer, movie lover, avid tea drinker, wandering spirit.

word to the wise: this collection contains occasional bloody imagery, mostly my own work.
That’s what my feet have looked like before when I’ve had bad eczema. Have you ever tried Colloidal oatmeal lotion? I’ve found it’s the only product that prevents eczema breakouts. I lather it on when I’m feeling itchy and it stops the rash!

Yah I’ve tried it, also many oatmeal bath thingies! And I wash my hands at work so much my hands never get to heal. I need to be more diligent about taking care of my hands I guess :(

a couple small portraits this morning. reflecting on how far I’ve come so far with my health and how much better I am compared to 4-5 years ago. still trying to heal certain things but there is so much more that has recovered. and as I move on I have this weekend to look forward to. celebrating my 26th year with good friends in San Diego; I’m lucky enough to know that my skin will be clear and I get to enjoy it all without worrying.
holy notes, batman!

when I think of bliss, joy, everlasting peace this image of lying in tall grasses always strikes me

Virginie Ropars

The Patterson Tape stabilized. The Patterson Tape is the most famous stop-motion picture of an unidentified subject we have all come to know as Bigfoot. (Video)

Oh, comely. October, 2014.
The Accretion X Alveoli Photography
Reblogging OK with all notes intact.
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Make-up and photo adventures today with albinwonderland! 
After being in a (really nice!) home with 4 cats, 2 dogs and the rise in elevation, the struggle is so real today. But I’d do it again just for views like this one. This is from Jakeh’s third story bathroom window. She joked that this is where she takes all her best instagram snaps. Ain’t much to Lake Arrowhead but the weather and views are what counts! Still boggles my mind that there are people who can afford luxury homes up there. With that money I’d build either a Lothlorien inspired home or a Hobbit hole in a hillside. Working on the rest of the photos, will make a nice fat photoset before I edit the main photo :)