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chelsea knight
photographer from SoCal, poet, Irish dancer, movie lover, avid tea drinker, wandering spirit.

word to the wise: this collection contains occasional bloody imagery, mostly my own work.

Peonies by Alphonse Mucha, Ink and Watercolor c. 1897 via Wikimedia Commons

Fading Away, by Henry Peach Robinson, 1858

the original “photoshop” master, hahahaha can you imagine stitching images together without technology? major skill.

Fotografie von Henry Peach Robinson, 1860
Just got my print in the mail! This is a fantastic, hand-screenprinted piece by Bailey Elizabeth, one of my fave fellow photogs. It looks beautiful! Great addition next to my Mucha posters :) and it’s gonna look really cool with the lamp light under it. Gonna keep it in the plastic for a while to try and preserve it. And the pushpins are in the plastic to further save the print ;) She even sent me a cute little note too! ♥
You can find her work here along with her lovely shop:

Artist: Rachel Baran
More creepy art

iPad replaced? ✔
Heavy duty otter box cover? ✔
Going to work on not being so clumsy? ✔✔✔

Having a great skin day ;)

"the busy painting" - 2014, self portrait

I dropped all my damn books out of a painting.

by bailey elizabeth
raven by Enaston
disparity of episteme by Enaston