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photographer from SoCal, poet, Irish dancer, movie lover, avid tea drinker, wandering spirit.

word to the wise: this collection contains occasional bloody imagery, mostly my own work.

(Lucas and I did the same 6 mile hike to Sturtevant, half way back, around the Upper Falls loop and back to the start.)

My skin is still doing good so I’ll update just on the hike, which was wonderful! It’s the same path Sam and I completed in this post. I’m surprised I survived running on four hours of sleep. Yesterday was cold, overcast and rainy which left the ENTIRE set of trails empty to us, and we looooove overcast cold weather so it was dreamy and pleasant. We passed maybe three groups who were leaving. It was surreal to have all that wilderness to ourselves. Usually it’s uncomfortably crowded. I rushed Lucas a bit too much I think, but my stamina is still with me! He said next time, we’ll go slow and enjoy the scenery. Also, we saw donkeys carrying propane tanks I think? Must be one of the many ways supplies are taken to the rental cabins scattered along the trail. And Lucas took a new favorite image of me!

I’m dead tired and sore, but I want to get out again and hike more. Yesterday did not fulfill my recent hike cravings.

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